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Build Your Ideal Food Factory

We hand hold Entrepreneurs to help them build their food factory from concept planning to complete industrial implementation by providing them accurate technical and engineering advisory and handover them a viable food factory for their products to reach their consumers.


Techno-Economical Feasibility Study / Detailed Project Report

Want to enter the Food Processing Business? We at Tech4serve evaluate your idea and build a perfect strategy to make that idea commercially successful.

Techno-Economic Feasibility study or Detailed Project Report is a comprehensive study of your project and a blueprint for its execution and eventual operations.

Plant Layout Designing

Plant layout is the most critical and creative engineering which we do for our clients. Right from receiving raw materials till dispatching finished goods, we take care for each, and every section involved in a food factory, while providing ease of operations, easy manpower movement and space for future expansion.


Plant & Machinery

It’s critical to choose the correct plant and machinery that can create the desired product at the desired capacity. Tech4serve acts as an extended technical team for our clients, evaluating machinery vendors and procuring the appropriate machines and equipment that meet all technical parameters set forth by industry standards.

Architectural and Engineering Services

The architectural design of a Food Industry is very important before you start building it. Distinct foods necessitate different infrastructure and architecture designs. Our civil engineers will assist you in meticulously creating all civil and structural drawings, as well as MEP drawings, for your manufacturing building.


Technical Advisory

Tech4serve has decades of hands-on experience in the food processing industry and is always on top of emerging trends and opportunities. With our expertise based on our extensive knowledge, we will assist you in selecting the best path for you in order to acquire the product you seek.

Business Strategy

Our knowledge of the food industry will help you anticipate any obstacles.  We can expand your current idea into a new cash stream while maintaining your brand identity. With our guidance, your project will be more profitable in terms of food product costs, utility costs and operational costs.


Brand and Design Development

Brand identity is an important aspect of marketing and communication which makes your brand stand out. We provide a full package to our clients to penetrate the market.

Project Implementation and Execution

The process of bringing a concept idea to life, as well as new products to market, is known as execution and implementation. We have a committed and highly experienced expert team that will guide you through the execution and commercialization of your project in a timely and professional manner.



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