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Our Food Business Consulting Firm is made up of experts in fields such as food processing and technology, food manufacturing, food quality, food safety, product development etc. All of us work in coordination to provide you your dream business. In the technical area of food industry setup, our consultancy operates in the following ways:

Techno-Economical Feasibility Study

The technical and financial viability of a setup for the food industry is first researched by experts in our firm. Setting general screening criteria for potential new Food Product Development concepts is a very preliminary phase. General criteria for technical feasibility include whether a quality product can be developed within reasonable cost and time constraints, whether the company has the technical expertise on staff to develop a quality product within these constraints, and whether outside development resources can be used to supplement internal development efforts.

Plant Layout Designing

After reviewing the feasibility studies and choosing the new food product and its development, the consultants’ expertise create the plant layout. To identify the flow of the process by which the food product is created from raw materials to completed product, a process flow chart for the product development is first created in this step. With the assistance of food business consultants and engineers on their panel, the general layout designing of the premises, including location of doors and windows, office, rooms, restrooms, production hall, laboratory, and the location of installation of exhaust fans, air circulation devices, and rat traps/insect killers, etc., are decided and drawn in a systematic manner.

Technical Advisory on Food Factories

We offer advice on scientific facets of food safety and processing. In order to identify potential hazards that might arise during food processing, while food is being processed by machines, and to establish the critical limit, personnel should be knowledgeable about the design of the machines as well as the principles of HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points). Our team works efficiently to ensure that the process of manufacturing is free from any type of hazards.

Architectural and Engineering Services

The engineers and architects who work with consultants and are members of their expert panel assist the owner of a food production facility in choosing the location of the facility. The engineers create the plant’s architectural plans and assist in constructing the buildings there. The engineers also determine the water and electricity supplies for the food industry.

Plant and Machinery

The final decision regarding the acquisition and installation of machinery is made after taking into account the technical advice provided by specialists regarding food factories. Our experts visit the facility and inspect how the equipment will be situated in the plant’s production area as well as how the entire process will be laid up. The equipment is either created or purchased domestically or imported from another nation. Prior to being used in the real food processing activity, the equipment is then rigorously inspected for quality.

Food Business Strategy

Food business strategy is a type of framework or set of techniques necessary for a food firm to succeed in a cutthroat industry. All businesses compete with one another to outperform other businesses that sell goods identical to their own. Some tactics are necessary for success in order to capture greater market share than the competition. We develop these strategies for a food company.

Implementation and Execution

After the food industry has been successfully established, it is time to start producing food under rigorous supervision and putting food safety procedures into practise inside the food establishment. On how to use, care for, and maintain the equipment that handles food, some cautionary advice is also provided.

Food Quality and Safety

The food technology consultants offer their opinions on the food safety procedures that must be followed in the food business. It is recommended that the food sector obtain certification from a number of organisations and certification bodies, including the FSSAI, ISO 22000 (Food Safety Management System), BIS, and BRC. Additionally, the specialists advise them to adhere closely to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practises), GHP (Good Hygiene Practises), and HACCP. GLP (Good Laboratory Practises) should be properly adhered to in the event that there is a food quality laboratory inside the food sector.

Branding and Promotion

We also aid in the branding and advertising of the industry. Through the creation of the company’s website, advertisements, and social media handles, we contribute to the brand name and brand promotion.

There’s a lot of work and love that goes in the making of a Food Factory Consultant in Muzaffarpur or an outlet. We ensure that we provide you with the best services and resources so that you can run your dream outlet/factory with full zeal and enthusiasm.

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